Топ-10 лучших площадок в Санкт-Петербурге


Выбирая площадку для проведения свадебной церемонии, каждая пара стремится найти свое особенное и неповторимое место для празднования. Что может быть романтичней и красивей архитектуры старинных дворцов Санкт-Петербурга. Специально для молодоженов, которые находятся в поиске необыкновенных мест для свадьбы, мы подобрали ТОП-10 площадок, наиболее полно отражающих романтический настрой и торжественность события.

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Как путешествовать дешево


Всем привет! Сегодня мне хочется поговорить о путешествиях. Планируя свой отдых за границей каждый всегда сталкивается с вопросами: как дешевле купить билет на самолёт? где же дешевле жить? На чем можно сэкономить в путешествии ? И эти вопросы меня озадачили сделать пост о том, как можно уменьшить свои расходы на путешествие.

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Как выбрать фотографа


Очень часто невесты сталкиваются с вопросом выбора фотографа. И правда в наше время мне кажется фотографов больше всего в нашей стране. А вот кого вам выбрать для своей свадьбы? Я решила вам помочь,дорогие невесты и составила небольшой список вопросов, которые помогут вам в выборе такого важного человека на вашей свадьбе-Фотографа?
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It certainly goes to show how if brands do not pay attention

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Research from RTG Consulting Group has looked to pin down which brands (across a number of sectors) are relevant to 4 prada ,000 of China’s Gen-Y and Gen-Z consumers.The report compared the tastes of China’s Gen Z (born in the 1980s and 1990s) against Gen Y born (mid-1990s to mid-2000s), here are the most relevant brands to these groups.Across fashion, tech, mobile apps and cars, respondents found Adidas jensarentzen.dk , WeChat, ride-hailing app Did Chuxing (which has merged with Uber China) and VW respectively.There were divergences in electronics and food and beverage categories, with Gen Y opting for Apple and KFC and the elders preferring Xiaomi and Pepsi.Angelito Tan Jr. chief of RTG Consulting Group, said: “At RTG our mission is to ensure our client brands remain relevant to today’s consumers, so we thought it would be neat to simply ask Chinese consumers ‘Which brands are most relevant to you?’.“Results were surprising as there were a number of brands we did not expect to see ranked in the top 10, and some we were even more surprised did not rank at all. It certainly goes to show how if brands do not pay attention to how the fast the market landscape can change, they risk not being relevant to today’s consumers.”Below are Gen Y’s favourite brands. Followed by Gen Z. This article is about: Asia, China, Branding, Apple, Xiaomi, Study, Market Research, Marketing, Auto, Fashion, Food & Drink, Technology, Brand

China Gen-Y and Gen-Z brand relevance study finds Apple/Xiaomi divide across the ages, and more

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The campaign hit a nerve, with a 37% sales lift in campaign

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With brands from Domino’s to Miller Lite leaning in to tech www.mihalis.de , Kona Beer is taking a different approach as its ad campaigns tend to encourage people to turn off the devices and get out and enjoy life. The company, working with Duncan Channon mihalis , began their «Dear Mainland» campaign last year, where islanders showcase the benefit of a relaxed attitude towards life, including technology. The hope was that viewers will get the message to stop spending so much time on their devices and simply enjoy life. The campaign hit a nerve, with a 37% sales lift in campaign markets after year one — the third highest lift recorded by IRI in 12 years. In 2016, Kona recorded an additional 15% sales growth over the previous year’s record in campaign markets with the success of their «Dear Mainland» campaign.The most recent work, produced by Duncan Channon and debuting today, places the fictional Kona brothers struggling to see the importance of a certain phone app or new reality show. Their lack of interest is simple, as they are sitting in paradise, under a palm tree and playing the ukelele. They are out in nature and in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Tech and games do not really factor in or intrude on daily life here. The tagline ““One life, right? Don’t blow it.” ” allows the viewer to understand — in an island kind of way — that no amount of apps will ever make you truly happy. That’s an old Hawaiian expression. Kind of.This article is about: North America, Advertising, Advertising & Media, Creative Works, Advertising, Marketing, Media, Creative, Food & Drink, Marketing Services, Media, Brand

New Kona Beer campaign uses the laid back island perspective in ongoing Dear Mainland series

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26, will put the 43 parcels up for bidding as one bundled

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ANN HERMES/AP The Packard manufacturing site is scheduled for auction in September. The abandoned factory is where luxury cars were manufactured until the 1950s. The abandoned factory that once produced Packard automobiles will be among the properties for sale this September at the Wayne County auction of properties foreclosed on because of property tax delinquency. The starting price for bidding will be about $975 pbvw ,000, the sum of the taxes owed on 43 parcels that make up most of the sprawling Packard plant property, county officials said. Another four parcels on the fringes of the property belong to the city of Detroit and will not be included in the auction. The auction, likely to occur between Sept. 20 and Sept. 26, will put the 43 parcels up for bidding as one bundled property. If no sale is made, the parcels will go up for auction again in October but at a bundled price of $500 per parcel. Theoretically pbvw.be , one buyer could walk away with all 43 parcels for $21,500. «That would be considered a steal in a lot of situations,» said David Szymanski, Wayne County chief deputy treasurer. But as he also noted, this is not a normal situation. The plant has long been a victim for scrappers, arsonists, graffiti taggers and vandals. «There are more questions than answers» when it comes to assessing the condition and value of the property, Szymanski said. The property was foreclosed on in March. The foreclosure took a long time to come about because of legal wrangling over who actually owns it. The entity that owned it but failed to pay taxes is Bioresource Inc., which is registered in state records as a Warren-based business.The plant does have cultural value for Detroit enthusiasts, ranking as a must-see destination, alongside the abandoned Michigan Central Depot train station, for documentarians and tourists. Artists have used the space for art installations and theatrical performances. The Packard plant also holds special status in the Detroit electronic music scene as the site of some of the more legendary raves of the 1990s. News reports in March 2012 said the owner of Bioresource, Dominic Cristini, planned to demolish the complex. John Bologna, a lawyer who represents Bioresource and Cristini, would not comment on the sale or any plans for the property. Bologna said Bioresource was set up to be the ownership entity for the Packard property and does not carry on any other business. If the properties don’t sell, the city has the option to take the property. If the city does not want it, the county plans to give it to the Michigan Land Bank or the Wayne County Land Bank, Szymanski said. Related LinksPackard plant funding expected to be in place by MondayPackard Plant sold at auction for over $6 million

Packard plant among parcels up for auction of foreclosed properties

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